• HM

Become a difference maker on and off the court

Everytime you step onto the court you have the ability to compete in ways that will set you apart from your competition. You are determined to work towards improving your skills putting in the long hours needed to push past your limits. You will lead by example, dive for the loose balls, give 100%, and fight past letting up because each moment counts.

You will be willing to do what others will not. You will communicate with your teammates, listen to your coach, take charge and praise your teammate after a good pass. You will cheer on your team and be a support. You practice outside of practice time. You will make your weak hand strong, run and do the extra push ups... You will make your shots. You will leave it all out on the court, giving your all for the 40 + minutes of play. You will walk away knowing you didn't let your teammates down, you didn't let yourself down. You will become a DIFFERENCE Maker. You will become a game changer. You will stand out because of your character, your drive, and your heart.

Life is nothing different. You will approach school, family, faith, friendships, and goals with that focus and energy because these are things you value. You will see the similarity between your daily life and life on the court. You will model character and integrity, strength and determination. You will not take your family for granted as you won't your team. Lead in a way you were called to, and you will set yourself apart.